Women in London

Welcome to WomenInLondon.org.uk, through this site we aim to guide you to places where you can meet like minded women across the country’s capital city.  London is a large place, so we have given you the quickest way to find out how to meet up with other organisations that understand your view and will help you to further your knowledge of feminism.

Not only does our site give you the chance to meet with other women in London, but it also is a great opportunity to make new friends and experience life in different parts of the capital.  Who knew that you could be living in Bow but have a great social group in Wimbledon, these are the opportunities that you can gain through our site by meeting up with the groups we show you.

It is important to remember that these groups are for like minded individuals and they are a great way to meet such people, through our site we hope to give these different women’s groups the chance to gain more exposure and to help women in London and newcomers to the capital.  Groups are always interested in new members who can help to further their ambitions, or who just want to join in with a new group of friends.  It doesn’t matter which part of London you live in, you can be sure that there will be a group for you out there, even if it is a short hop on the tube!

You will discover many women’s networks in London through our site, so now is the chance for you to expand your horizons and make a difference for your life and other women around London too.